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Fixed and Variable servicing for your Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT & Škoda, tailored to your needs.

All services carried out to manufactures standards using genuine parts, with our own personal touch.

Servicing Regimes for your car...

Fixed Service (Set Time & Distance)

Recommended if you drive in the following way:

 • Less than 10,000* miles per year

 • City centre driving, short journeys

 • High engine loading activities

 • Uneconomical driving

Flexible Service (LongLife Service)

Recommended if you drive in the following way:

 • More than 25 miles a day

 • Regular motorway driving

 • Constant speed, minimal vehicle & engine load

 • Economical driving

This Flexible regime has been made possible due to the development of new Volkswagen Group engines with the latest technically advanced longlife oil. These engines use built-in sensors that continually monitor the oil quality, making it possible to enjoy reliable and confident motoring for up to a maximum of 18,000* miles or 24 months (whichever occurs first).

* Please note that all mileages are approximate as the service indicator system uses kilometres as the distance measurement.


Got a warning light on your dashboard?

Using the latest software, we can run a full scan of your electronic system, identify the problem, diagnose and repair it for you.

Using our extensive Volkswagen Group training and over 20 years main dealer experience we are ready to minimise the time your car spends off the road when a problem appears.

Area's of expertise

Cabriolet roofs

Infotainment - MMI, AMI, Bluetooth

A8/Phaeton, Q7/Toureag Air suspension

DPF Fault diagnosis & regeneration

EGR Fault diagnosis

Maintenance & Repairs

Brake Fluid changes

Cambelt & Water pump changes

Transmission Oil changes

Haldex Oil & filter changes


We are not an MOT station so all our MOT's are carried out at a local VOSA station. We will arrange and have the test carried out at your convenience.







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